Continuing Education Programming

Whether it is topically mandated or simply just interesting, our Convention offers it all, no matter which state you hail from. With 21 opportunities, licensees can earn continuing education credits for mandated subjects as well as elective courses in just three short days.

All of our Convention educational sessions have been submitted for accreditation to the State Board of Mortuary Science of New Jersey and other state funeral director licensing authorities. This means that licensed funeral directors hailing from various parts of the country will have ample opportunity to earn the CEUs they need.

During the Convention’s educational programming, New Jersey licensees will have an opportunity to earn a required CEU in Funeral Directing Ethics. NJSFDA’s Assistant Executive Director George R. Kelder Jr., CFSP, hosts a new program with all new content on this important subject. This one-hour session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 30 and Wednesday, October 1.

See the New Jersey Mandatory CEU Series for more detailed information on earning CEUs in other State Board of Mortuary Science mandated topics.

This year's speaker line-up includes:

  • Karl Wenzel, CFSP
    Seeing Is Believing: Facial reconstruction techniques

    When encountered with a severe trauma case, what tools do embalmers need to “make it happen”? Karl Wenzel, CFSP, offers an intriguing presentation that focuses on learning the value of visualization during embalming and the importance of this to families. READ MORE

  • John Callaghan
    7 Steps for Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

    Do you feel like you are wasting your hard earned money on advertising that does not generate new calls? Are you tired of price shoppers who think you are no different than your competitors? READ MORE

  • Marvin Ludlum, JD, and Kara Gray Ludlum
    Innovations in the Arrangement Conference

    Young people today do not want to be a passive participant. They want to be active and engaged in the process, whether designing their own office, writing their own wedding vows or participating in the funeral planning. READ MORE

  • Mark Spivey, MA, LCSW
    What Do We Tell the Children? Taking to Kids About Death.

    This program replaces the Making Your Services to Die For presentation by Mark Spivey that was previously advertised.

    The funeral is a crucial first ritual in a child’s grieving process. By reframing ideas about how we grieve and developing an understanding of a child or teen’s behavior at a funeral, funeral directors will gain a richer understanding of a young person’s grief experience. READ MORE

  • John F. Cascio
    How the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association and Its Members Faced the Challenges of Newtown

    How did the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) effectively mobilize its membership to address the catastrophic aftermath surrounding the Newtown Elementary School shooting? READ MORE

  • Jeffrey Chancellor, CFSP
    Slow Down. Reconstruction Ahead.

    Death care is changing. Immigration, postmortem intervention, changing perspectives on health and safety, environmental awareness and new employee attitudes are causing funeral service and embalming to be framed out of context. READ MORE

  • Bridget Brennan
    Why She Buys: Optimizing the final arrangement experience to attract the largest market sector: women

    Women make two-thirds of all purchasing decisions and are increasingly the decision makers for funeral arrangements. READ MORE

  • George R. Kelder Jr., CFSP
    Revealing Your Ethical Funeral Service Orientation

    Following an initial quiz focused on determining an individual’s ethical orientation, attendees will better understand how and why they distinctively react in certain ethical situations. READ MORE

  • Wilson H. Beebe Jr.
    Religious and Secular Conflicts and the U.S. Funeral Service Marketplace

    The cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Newark have recently commenced the sale of monuments on their properties, arguing that (1) they are not subject to the restrictions on such activities imposed on non-religious cemeteries, and (2) that, in any event, they are not selling monuments but “rights of inscription.” READ MORE

  • Paul Seyler
    Four Disruptive Forces You Just Can't Ignore

    Paul Seyler’s program begins with a discussion on the “nones,” the growing segment of client families with no religious affiliation and their changing attitude towards funeral content. READ MORE

  • David TeBrake
    Current Building Trends in Death Care

    WIn his presentation, David TeBrake will discuss current design trends, features, innovations and tendencies that are being incorporated into today’s funeral homes. READ MORE